Terms & Conditions

We request you to carefully read these Terms and Conditions and accept them if you want to take advantages of the services offered by Crawley Accountants Ltd.


The information provided on our website is not associated to any specific nature of advice or guidelines to our clients. We suggest you to detailed and accurate consultation from our expert before taking any action using the material provided on the website. 

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Obligations on Clients

You are responsible to provide us all the documents and material with true, accurate and up to date information for the services you have hired us for. You are legally bound to meet your deadlines for your taxe returns and obligations.

You are responsible to pay our fees at the time agreed for its payment.


You are free to terminate our services at any point of time with one month’s notice. However, company reserves the rights to hold your documents and information until the complete payment for the services is made.

Security& Privacy

We do not share your personal information with any organization or individuals apart from HMRC and the organizations for which you have given explicit consent. We keep your information strictly confidential. Our employees who are involved with the relevant service are only allowed to access your information but they are strictly prohibited to use this information for any other purposes.

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